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I’m aware it’s not a Mamoru and Usagi post buuuuut…
It’s cool.

I’m aware it’s not a Mamoru and Usagi post buuuuut…

It’s cool.

Oh man

I’m doing it again, totally disregarding this amazing blog.

Guys, I apologize.

I sometimes get lost in the world of my personal blog and don’t remember this one here.


How about, [since i need the followers] you guys can periodically check between both? Get on my case to update/keep this one more active too and such.

Really I’d just like more followers.

Thank you!! <3

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Thanks for all your support. Keep it coming, we love it!

This video/commentary features snippets of sailor moon and Eric from The Sailor Moon Abridged. The abridged team is in the works of making a live action movie based upon the manga and also in their free time put out the amazing parody that is: Sailor Moon the abridged series.

It doesn’t take shots at the originality, but more the dub.

I really wanted to get the word out there about this series,group, and movie. I know I’ve always loved it and thought maybe you guys might want to give it a look too if you’ve got the time to spare.

It’s worth the time, and definitely filled with tons of laughs.

[The abridged that is]

I’m sure their live action movie will be amazing too! <3

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Caption for this photo: “SHE TOLD ME SHE WAS EIGHTEEN!”

Ahahaha! XD

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Some people believe it’s via battles and deaths in the Sailor Moon series that the possibility in Chibi-Usa being born is sometimes next to impossible.

In reality? The best life and death moment of Mamoru and Usagi’s child being nearly unborn was:


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(via acuriousidea)

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I feel like being sociable with my followers. If any of you are up and wanna chat.. maybe we can try?

My MSN’s

My AIM is Kawaii KouOdango

I also have a fb..

I wanna get to know you guys! ^__^

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So I was eying the side bar for my followers and etc, and then I see I have three unread messages. Excited, I quickly open them up to see:

I..and.. that’s not what I thought i’d get and..


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If you’ve ever wondered how Mamoru keeps his body in top notch physique..

He lifts babies.


He’s too hipster for weights.


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